Hyper Casual one button game

Hold your finger on the screen to stretch out the stick and reach next platform.
Time is running so you'd better land your stick on the red spot to earn precious seconds.
How far will you go?


Framework: Phaser 3.51.0
Physics engine: none
Lines of code: 656

Learn to build HTML5 games by building this game

Learn the secrets of HTML5 game development with Phaser while building a cross platform endless runner game.

From the experience of more than 400 Phaser tutorials and 3 books, the first Phaser 3 course you can run in your browser and test your game in real time as you build a HTML5 cross platform horizontal endless runner game in 16 steps.

Designed both for beginners and skilled programmers, the course guides you from an empty folder introducing the bare bones of JavaScript to advanced Phaser 3 features.

Through 16 detailed steps you will learn, among other things, these concepts:

  • The structure of your first Phaser project, starting from an empty folder
  • Scale and resize the game to look nice on any device
  • Preload images, sounds, fonts and other kind of assets
  • Scene management
  • Add images and sprites on the stage
  • Use tweens to create animations
  • Animate sprites using sprite sheets
  • Wait for player input
  • Process mouse or finger input
  • The importance of placing sprites in front of other sprites using Z-order
  • Create game states
  • Add and play sound effects
  • Design and add a game interface
  • Add interactivity with buttons
  • Use bitmap fonts to create text effects
  • Save and load high scores using local storage
  • Use timelines to concatenate tweens and generate complex animations

By the end of the course, you'll have a complete HTML5 cross platform game but most of all you will master all the concepts to create a game on your own.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorEmanuele Feronato
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Casual, Ninja, one-button, Physics
AccessibilityOne button


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F__k this game lol.

I like it, it is fun and great time waster, but it is hard. 10/10

I like walking sound :)) 

fun game